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This site is maintained by, and original content by Will Fox

preserved by, the Friends of Watchful Will Society,

a volunteer organization dedicated to the Truth.


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Have you ever noticed those long, thin clouds that span out the back of aircraft in the sky? A lot of people don’t notice them, and most of those that do don’t think much about them. I heard someone tell me that they were the result of hot air from engine exhaust meeting the cold air of the upper atmosphere and condensing into those trails. Contrails. Sure.

When the hot air of my body meets the cold winter air, the same thing happens, but it disappears almost immediately. It doesn’t stick around and form a small cloud every time I speak. There is no fog that constantly surrounds my face.

No, they are putting something else in the sky. How else do you explain why the trails stick around as long as they do? There has to be a bunch of chemical additives, stuff besides just hot air. Have you ever seen those patterns? How they crisscross the way they do? They are intentionally drawing lines in the sky.

The government, or just as likely the Corporate Syndicate, is blanketing us with chemicals.



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Hop on the bandwagon. Fall in line. Don’t make a scene. These are all cultural linguistic devices that enforce the social norms perpetuated by corporations in order to increase the efficiency of advertising mind control (BUY BUY BUY!), keep people complacent in the system, and keep people unhappy so they buy more useless things, all while seeming innocuous to the average person. There is a perception that all of this is normal, but that perception has been slowly integrated from the outside into the cultural unconscious over decades. There is nothing normal or natural about any of it. It’s the greedy people at the top of these steel towers, the pulpits of commercialism, that created this system. Just look at SHR and all their greed. Every ten years, they re-market Afterparty to cash in on Darryl’s death, over and over again. But they get away with it because people let them, which gives you a glimpse of how they use their power. It’s all part of what I’m calling Systemic Perceptions, or SPs. Without really looking, it’s easy to fall back on these SPs without thinking. It’s easy assuming to fall back on these SPs without thinking. It’s easy assuming that what is perceived through these artificial lenses is what’s real. They’re systemic, they’re indoctrination in the most insidious sense.





This is something that no one wants to talk about. But the piece that everyone sees is only the beginning. No one understands the rest of it because they don’t want to look deeper, or they just aren’t smart enough to see it. There’s a hidden message there, and I think Sewer Horse knows and wants it under wraps.

Good thing for us, I have a multitude of ways to get what I want.

Here’s a picture of Courtney’s suicide note, IN FULL:

suicide note

This is my key moment. The exact time when I must go, because life is a repeating cycle.










-Courtney Anne Ullman


There is clearly an indication that Sewer Horse Records was involved in this. Let’s take it line by line.



A siren is an ancient creature that takes a seductive shape and calls sailors to their death with a beautiful song. SHR offered us a deal that was too good to be true, and they brokered the deal without most of the band there, so SHR is the Siren with the candy in this scenario.


Courtney didn’t have much going on in her life. “You and me” must refer to herself and the band, all of us. Baby, must reference the baby that we had together, i.e. our album.


This appears at surface level as fairly self-explanatory, although looking just a little deeper reveals that she seems to be suggesting that she had no agency. She didn’t make bad things happen, according to this, bad things just “happen” to her. This clearly suggests that someone else was behind her death, and if someone was behind her death, they likely were behind the death of Darryl, as well. Who are they? I wager my left arm it’s SHR.


Every day passes, goes by. If the days are gone, then we are left with the night, right? Perhaps. Or perhaps she uses this line to reference the lack of a day/night system.


What kind of world is she talking about? Why does she use this line here? I bet it’s some clue to SHR’s ENTER division’s operations. I think the drugs she was using were synthesized by scientists at SHR. Some kind of stimulant designed for performance enhancement and mind control.


This is particularly interesting, that she says this here, because this is the only line in her note that gives her agency as the one doing the action. Even still, it is an action against herself, suggesting that even though she had the opportunity to do something, it was not entirely her choice. At least, who would choose to dig themselves under instead of dig themselves out? Another clue that she was coerced into committing suicide.


Still, even when she kills herself, she isn’t doing it of her own free will… The world leaves her. We all left her, I think.


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So, just in case anyone is out there doubting the power of corporations to bend the public’s systemic perceptions, look no further than the New Coke conspiracy. If you haven’t heard, Coke was having trouble maintaining dominance in the cola industry. So they decided to launch a new formula, called New Coke, to reinvigorate the brand.

Well, not really.

You see, Coke wanted to cut their costs by switching to an ingredient cheaper than sugar. What’s cheaper than sugar? Corn syrup, and particularly high-fructose corn syrup, which packs more sugary bang for the buck. The problem with that scheme is that corn syrup and sugar don’t exactly taste the same. So how do you make the switch without raising hell? Bring out New Coke. Sell it until the original Coke runs out, then when people haven’t had the taste of the original in a while, reintroduce it with the cheaper formula.

Everyone thinks it’s a blunder for the ages, but there was nothing accidental about it.


Post 5

Budd Dwyer and EnTeR.


Do you really think Budd Dwyer was wracked with guilt and took his own life because of it?

I don’t think so.

He had gotten too involved in PA corporate Syndicates and he wanted to get out. But the Syndicates, of course, don’t want him to. And who is behind these Syndicates? I don’t know who the ringleader is. I think I’m getting close, though. But I can tell you with certainty that Sewer Horse was a part of it. More specifically, EnTeR was involved.

ENTER stands for “Engineering and Technology Research” and it refers to the science R&D department in Sewer Horse.

You tell me what a record company needs scientists and labs for. What great strides can we take in developing music engineering? Any advancements would likely be negligible, and I can’t wrap my head around how they could possibly recoup the costs. These companies already operate at a loss, or maybe they break even. They’re entire business model revolves around one or two big-hit singles, a top ten album, and breakout stars. Crazy, right?

So how do they get all that money for ENTER? They funnel it through vulnerable politicians, who have something to lose. They press on the government to take money away from honest folk like you and me and reallocate the funds to finance their corporate agendas. One company alone might not do it, that’s why the Syndicate operates on behalf of its members, and that’s how politicians like Budd Dwyer get wrapped up in matters they can’t begin to comprehend.

I don’t know everything, but I do know it pays to follow the money. Think of the Syndicate like a backwards Robin Hood with robots and megalomania.

Yes, robots. Because if you think that people can be relied on to take care of every nuanced move the Syndicate needs to make, and if you think that robotic people can’t exist, then you’re victim to the SPs that normalize your brain with the Herd.


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Here’s what I know


7:45pm - We start playing our show at the Mojo.

8:20pm - We finish the set and start packing up, the next band gets their stuff on stage.

8:30pm - We leave the Mojo.

9:30pm - I’m back at the Mojo, drinking.

10:15pm - Encke arrives at the Mojo.

11:00pm - Encke leaves.

12:15am - I leave the Mojo.

12:25am - I find Courtney’s body.


It was right around the time I got back to the motel and discovered Courtney that I saw Sally and Encke together. No one else saw them, but I did. I was a little too caught up in everything else to think much about it, but hindsight is 20/20, like seeing things again, just a little wiser.

I know what they were up to. I think it’s pretty clear. And obviously they’d want to keep it a secret from Sally’s fiance.

But the real question is, did SHR decide that they wanted Sally’s songs and Encke’s guitar more than Darryl’s liability?

I think that’s a pretty clear answer, too.


Here’s my proof for where I was:





With all these chemicals and radio frequencies dumped on you every day to influence your behavior and goad you into complying with the Syndicate’s Master Plan and SP’s (SMPSP), what can you do?

For a little protection, disrupt their frequencies and clouds with a cloudbuster!

What is a cloudbuster, you ask?

It is a device for the absorption and concentration of orgone, the creative energy that permeates the universe. Using a cloud breaker to absorb orgone creates a protective barrier around it, and if you build one big enough you can protect your whole house with one! Depending on how skilled you are with making cloudbusters, you could theoretically prevent disease, not just from the toxic energies sprayed by the secret agents of the Syndicate, but also by “natural” causes. I put natural in quotes because we are all naturally healthy, and it is only through perversions in our environment that we become unhealthy.



  • 1 x 5 Gallon plastic bucket
  • 4 x 10’ copper pipes, 1 1/8” diameter
  • 10x double-terminated crystals
  • 5 x Gallon catalyzed resin
  • 6 x copper caps for pipes
  • 6 x 1” lengths of rubber garden hose
  • scrap metal shavings
  • duct tape
  • protractor
  • 7
  • ruler
  • plywood
  • saw
  • drill
  • silicone glue


  1. Mark a spot for North on the outside of the bucket.
  2. Cut out three circles of plywood to fit the bottom, middle, and top of the bucket.
  3. Measure a ring 5” in diameter from the center of each plywood circle.
  4. Drill out six circles, 1 1/8” in diameter, 60 degrees apart all along the marked rings. Set circles aside.
  5. Cut three of the copper pipes in half, resulting in 6 5” lengths of pipe.
  6. Glue six crystals into the the rubber hose fittings. 
  7. Glue these crystals (and their fittings) into the end caps. 
  8. Affix the caps onto the ends of the shortened copper pipes.
  9. Set the remaining four crystals at compass points, N,S,E,W within the bucket. 
  10. Add scrap metal to fill about an inch of the bucket. 
  11. Pour resin just enough to cover the metal.
  12. Place bottom plywood circle on top of resin. 
  13. Fit the six 5” pipes into the cut-out circles. 
  14. Place top plywood circle over pipes and let resin dry.
  15. Remove top plywood. Fill bucket halfway with scrap metal. 
  16. Fill with resin, just enough to cover the scrap metal. The resin/metal ration should be 1:1. Place middle plywood circle over pipes. Let dry.
  17. Fill remaining space with metal/resin. Let dry.
  18. Bury the resin chunk in your back yard so the copper pipes stick out and point at the sky. Don’t forget to make sure the crystals at the compass points are aligned correctly!
  19. You are on your way to a happier you, free from the influence of the Syndicate!

Post 8

Someone from SHR is trying to contact me. 

I found this code on a slip of paper the other day. I’m not sure what it says yet, but after working on it for a few hours, I think it has something to do with ENTER.







Post 9



I was able to get the floor plan from the motel where we

were staying the night that Darryl died.

Here it is:



I think that when Courtney was moving to Darryl’s room, it was to warn him of a secret SHR agent who was going to go in to murder him so they could remove him as a liability and cash in on the publicity. Think about it. Why were her curtains drawn? Where was she getting her cocaine? 

I think that she was negotiating with the SHR agent to let things go and keep Darryl alive. With everyone moving around, no one noticed the agent slip in and out.


Post 10



No one had more direct contact with SHR than Bobby did. And what did it get him? He got hooked on his sleeping pills. He got so paranoid he had to use them to sleep. He always said he was just so busy, and the band was so crazy, that he had to use them to get some shut eye but I think that was all a front.

He couldn’t sleep because SHR always carried chemical agents in their clothes and on their palms, and they got into Bobby’s system and made him extremely paranoid.

He started hiding things. I saw him all the time, putting things in his pockets, putting things under mattresses and cushions, really anywhere he could put something. I was surprised. At least, at first I was. But then I met with one of the SHR guys who came to a show, and after I spoke to him, I got all itchy when I shook his hand. I had to wash my hands seven times before I noticed any relief.

And Bobby shook hands with those guys all the time.

Hey, you know who you are. Remember when we were playing blackjack on the strip and we got drunk and kept shouting, “Crash the nines! Crash the nines!” and security kicked us out? 

That is the best memory I have of you. Take that pad I gave you, that one time I gave you a pad. Rather, a sheet from the pad. The one time pad. You know the sheet I mean. The note. You never got back to me.

If you have it, you can read this.

If you read this, you will know that I know.

I think this could be information the police would be very interested to know.




Now that you know that I know what I know, what will you do?


Post 11

Reptiles, Time Travel, and War


EnTeR developed sophisticated technology to bio-engineer a living weapon and accidentally sent it back in time. This might sound crazy, but I have very good evidence that proves EnTeR has been developing something that’s called SPATIAL ANCHOR DISPLACEMENT REORIENTATION.


Anyway, sit back and I’ll tell you all about it.

EnTeR has had a bio-engineering division since its inception. Ever since the Department of Defense Reorganization Act of 1958 and the subsequent creation of the Advanced Research Projects Agency, EnTeR wanted to get in on a big government contract. Organization-wide, the focus turned to military contracts as a way to fund Syndicate projects. In the early eighties they successfully implanted psycho-augmentations into a rat’s brain stem. The big breakthrough came a few years later, when a high-ranking scientist at EnTeR — who I think may be called Dr. Mogui — developed a procedure to successfully shake up the DNA of a reptile embryo and modify it, gene by gene. In 1984, he hatched a powerful creature capable of moving like a human, with the ferocity of a gila monster. The idea was to use this monster, a female by design, as a breeding ground to hatch more like it. Its offspring were to be sold to the United States Department of Defense to be deployed in high-risk areas with a dense concentration of people. Notice I said people, not enemy combatants. The idea was to make a weapon that would kill indiscriminately, causing as much collateral damage as possible and forcing the enemy into surrender.

At the same time this was going on, SPANDIRE was well underway, and EnTeR had successfully used it to send a man from one end of a laboratory to the other instantaneously. With the successful test, and the Biological Weapons Division ready to test their new “lizard woman,” they came up with an idea to secretly teleport the weapon into Lebanon in an effort to free American hostages by eliminating their captors.

On May 17, 1985, from their lab in Florida, EnTeR attempted the teleportation, but the amount of power it required sent their systems critical and it led to complete systems failure. The strain on the grid caused half of Florida to lose power.

When the smoke cleared, the weapon was gone, but it never showed up in Lebanon, which led to a backup plan that later became known as the Iran-Contra scandal.

The lizard woman didn’t just disappear, though.

She went back in time.

There are accounts of a lizard woman from the early 19th century, when pioneers in a place that would become known as Hawthorn Junction discovered it in a body of water now called Sag Pond Lake. The town didn’t exist until 1910, which makes me think that the area around the lake was fairly gruesome for the hundred years prior.

The town there even celebrates the thing, completely unaware of its sinister origin. A museum curator has cataloged everything at his “Blue Lizzy Museum” which you can check out on 

There’s a festival every year. You can check it out every August! But just know, people still go missing. And it’s only a matter of time until EnTeR security shows up to nuke the place and pretend like it never existed.


Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 3.27.48 PM.png